Services & Diary


On Sunday the 9th of May we plan to resume worship in our building. The services will be from 11am-12pm and tickets can be booked (free) on eventbrite (Perth Riverside Sunday Service).

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The following events were pre-Covid and have not yet started back.  

Our weekly events are relaxed and open to all and there’s no need to get dressed up for church. It’s fair to say we value relationships over being highly polished or heavily organised.

  • Sunday service  – 10.30am. (inc. groups for children and young people)
  • Evening service – last Sunday of the month, 8pm 
  • Breakfast service & Funday School – last Sunday of month, 10.30am
  • Traditional service – last Thursday of month, 10.30am

*Funday School is a fun-filled event for primary aged children.



Many of our activities pause in July and early August, feel free to call, email or message us for further details.


  • Community Cafe, 9.30-11am (includes soft play)
  • Gardening Club (1st Tuesday of month)
  • Knit & Natter group, 1.30-4pm
  • Prayer Meeting, 7-8pm


  • Small Fry, parent & toddler group, 9.30-11.00am 
  • Riverside Writers 1.30-3pm


  • Traditional service, 10.30-11am (last Thursday of month)
  • Communitea Craft, 1pm (Fortnightly)


  • Soup group, lunch and bible study, 12.00-1pm
  • Very Important Mums’ group 8pm-9.30pm (1st Friday of month from Oct 2016)


  • Community Cafe, 9am-12noon, term time


  • Main worship service, 10.30-12noon (includes Funday school and Breakfast service) 
  • Evening service, last Sunday of month, 8pm

*For more on services see here

We also have house groupsDetails on request.