We are a small but growing Church of Scotland in north Perth. Our parish includes the North Inch, Muirton and North Muirton.

Riverside Church includes people from our local neighbourhood and from across Perth united by our shared faith in Jesus Christ.

We believe that every church has the same main vision and mission from God; to share the love and story of Jesus and to help people become his disciples. But each local community decides how to do that in their own time and place.

Our local mission is to: pray  serve  grow 

  • Grow as a community of Jesus’ disciples
  • Serve each other, our neighbours, our parish, our city and beyond, using our abilities and our building.
  • Pray as a way of life 

Our community values faith, nurture and generosity. We want these to shape how we approach our mission.

Our weekly events are relaxed and open to all and there’s no need to get dressed up for church. It’s fair to say we value relationships over being highly polished or heavily organised.