Welcome! Riverside Church is a Christian community in North Perth, Scotland.

We are always glad to meet new people and try to be involved in our neighbourhood, sharing Jesus’ love and his story.

Relaxing of lockdown rules now allows greater access to church buildings. We are deeply aware that many are missing worshiping together. Many groups and small businesses also use Riverside facilities and would value access.

However, to reopen we have to meet very restrictive Covid-19 related standards of hygiene, access and social distancing. So at the present time Riverside’s building remains closed. We will regularly review the situation and provide an update soon.


The Covid-19 pandemic has put a great strain on the church’s finances. We have lost several month’s income from hall lets and plate giving during services but our expenses have not fallen significantly. We are now running at a heavy loss. If you would like to make a donation to the church please contact our treasurer, James Christie, on 07525 056643, or perthriverside@gmail.com


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North Perth Covid-19 Support

Covering, Letham, Tulloch, Fairfield, Muirton and North Muirton and Berth Park during the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Providing help to the most vulnerable for example shopping, picking up prescriptions, or a host of other things.

If you are in need of support please either call

01738 444061

or fill in the form here

if you wish to volunteer in your area call


Or click here

Help and Support in North Perth

Help and Support in North Perth provides lots of useful information during the Covid-19 crisis.

Click here

Here is a printable version of this information to share with neighbours who are not online – Covid support note

Church Support

Riverside Church staff and volunteers can be contacted during the Covid-19 Shutdown, call: 07557 404 430 or the contact numbers on the staff page.