Our local vision at Riverside is to pray, serve and grow.  We recognise that the foundation of everything we do should be prayer. Below you will find updates to help us pray together during the week.

In the Bible we are encouraged to pray constantly.  We understand this to mean that prayer is more than speaking to God, it’s an attitude of life.

The act of prayer is humbling, putting God first in our lives.

When we pray we confess our belief that Jesus is with us and we admit that we are dependant on God.

We also believe that God has chosen to work in the world through the prayers of his people. And so we pray for our communities, families and friends. Jesus even challenged us to pray for our enemies!

Prayer can be quiet and reflective or loud and emotion filled. But however we pray, we are  joining in the life of God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Inspired and guided by the Spirit we honour our Father in Heaven through the grace of his Son Jesus Christ.

Prayer may be the main reason we have a voice!



Work Prayer Balance 

The Balance of Work and Prayer. CAESARIUS OF ARLES: Perhaps someone says: Who can always be thinking of God and eternal bliss, since all men must be concerned for food, clothing and the management of their household? God does not bid us be free from all anxiety over the present life, for he instructs us through his apostle: “If any man will not work, neither let him eat.” The same apostle repeats the idea with reference to himself when he says: “We worked night and day so that we might not burden any of you.” Since God especially advises reasonable thought of food and clothing, so long as avarice and ambition which usually serve dissipation are not linked with it, any action or [A, p. 250] thought is might rightly considered holy. The only provision is that those preoccupations should not be so excessive that they do not allow us to have time for God, according to the words: “The burdens of the world have made them miserable.” Sermons 45.1


This thought seems a little complicated, but is saying that God knows we have often busy and difficult lives to get on with. But in our busyness we must make time for God. 

Prayer Walks

Two prayer walk guides have been added to the member’s area of the website.

These provide a longer or shorter walk around parts of the parish with reminders to pray for people and places nearby.