We believe that part of being made in God’s image is sharing in His creativity.  We try to encourage our church community to use their gifts and have found that creativity is expressed in many ways.

For example our church grounds are constantly developing through the green fingers of our gardening group. We also try to encourage participation in the administration, discipleship and communal worship, especially through teaching and music. Our prayer space features paintings from a church member and another our member has even reached the papers with her incredible recycling crafts.


In the last few years we have produced some form of dramatic retelling of the birth of Jesus. In 2017 this took the form of a street play (A Muirton Nativity) which told the story while moving throughout our parish. With the help of Creative Communities funding we were able to hire professional actors to work with a local director.

Christmas 2018 and 2019 saw a production of ‘The Nativity Experience’ which was again professionally written and directed but this time the church congregation provided the actors and live animals took part (thanks to Ayleswood Rarebreeds)! The Nativity events have been great fun well received by the church and wider. community.

Here are some images of these events.